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January 22nd, 2005

morbidart @ 03:41 pm: Community is Closed, but feel free to look around!
This community is now closed. When I have more time, I will reopen and redesign it to go in sync with my webpage. It maybe some time, I looking at this summer. Please, please, please feel free to look at the previous posts. Some of them are really cool.

Thanks again for your support!

The Moderator.

January 21st, 2005

morbidart @ 12:20 pm: Last Post...
But it's a good one. Several New McFarlane Figures have come out and I'm playing catch up for the last post...

These can get kinda grisly, so if you get queesy about blood and guts, don't look.Collapse )

January 17th, 2005

morbidart @ 07:49 pm: Closing the community by the end of this week...
I'm really sorry about this guys. I just don't have the time to moderate and post and it seems like my community has aquired a taste for auctions. That's not really what I created it for. Plus I really wanted to keep my webpage updated in conjunction with this community. Alas, more time I do not have to spend. Communities are like plants, if you do not take regular care of them, they turn into ugly weeds. And my community is definately not pretty.

So, I have decided to close it down.

I'll keep the journal around and if I have more time in the summer, I may re-open it. I just don't think it's fair to get peoples hopes up for cool posts and then never deliver on them.

Thank you so much for the support! I really appreciate all those people who joined! Take care and good luck with your cool toy hunting. Please feel free to post up until the day I lock it down.

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January 10th, 2005

digitalwave @ 11:28 am: First time here, the community looks great.
Hi guys,

There are a few fans that I'm friends with that I know have been hit pretty badly with money woes lately. None of us should have to worry this much about having money to live on and pay their bills. I'm selling off some of my collectibles to try and help out in at least a small way. There are a lot of zines, comics related toys, books and art. I have lots of action figures and other cool stuff as well.

You can find out more info here if you are interested:



December 31st, 2004

rusty_chevy @ 06:11 pm: Star Wars Bust-Ups
Howdy all,

Does anyone know anything about these nifty Bust-Ups models from Gentle Giant? As in, are they actually blind-boxed (boo!), or did I just get a mispackaged one? I picked up a Series 2 that had a pic of Darth Vader on it, which caused me to assume that the model inside was in fact of Vader. Nope. Got Darth Sidious. Not the Darth I'm lookin' for.

Oh, and is anyone interested in a Darth Sidious Bust-up? Five bucks, what I paid for it. :P Or I'll trade ya for Vader.

EDIT: Oh, looky here. Fine print on side of box states: "The images on this box do not indicate which figure is contained inside." Blind-boxing doth righteously suck.

December 18th, 2004

star_whorez @ 10:09 am: Really Rare Star Wars Episode 1 Item (Qui Gon)
I just wanted to post to let everyone know about this auction.

I don't know how many of these there are out there. It is an Episode 1 (Star Wars) Qui-Gon Jinn (Jedi Master) but he has a clean shaven face. The figure looks like a very strange variant. I thought I'd give the heads up to the auction


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